You can specify :

  1. The days of the week which are excluded from the normal work week at the organization or individual level
  2. The organization's leave period (start and end dates)
  3. The number of working hours per workday for the organization or an individual
  4. Leave Approvers for all the members of a Department/Unit or for an individual
  5. The period that must elapse after confirmation or hire before an individual can be granted leave

You can also :

  1. Customize the look of the administration and user interfaces by importing your company's logo into the system

    Other organizational level features:

  1. Email notification of confirmation or denial of a leave application is sent to the applicant when the approval process is complete
  2. Holidays and personal non-working days are noted and are not counted in leave application
  3. Ability to allow leave even if all conditions for leave are not met(Condition Override.)

Other leave application features

  1. Employees can cancel an application if it is not yet fully approved. If it is already approved, a request can be sent
    to HR/Administrator to cancel the approved application

Leave Types

  1. Leave entitlements can be based on a fixed amount per year, or accumulated based on the period worked
  2. Unlimited number of leave types