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Leave Organizer is an online leave management system that allows users to apply for leave conveniently anytime and anywhere. Leave Organizer routes leave application requests to approvers by email. An approver will also see requests when they log in to the system.

To apply for leave, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into to Leave Organizer as a user; click the 'Apply for Leave' tab.
  2. Enter start date and end date, check application for accuracy, and submit (apply). The request will be sent to the first approver on your approver's list, and a notification sent by email. If the Approver policy is set to Department or Unit Level, you will not be able to amend the Approver's list. If the policy is set to Employee level you will be able to amend the list by adding or removing approvers and changing the order in which the application will be routed to them.
Yes, you can. Log in as a user. Click 'Check Status'. View Application details. Click 'Cancel'
No. You must make a request to the administrator /HR to cancel an approved leave.
Your HR department / system administrator will set the approver policy for the organization. If the policy is set to Department or Unit Level Approval, the approvers will be assigned by the administrator. The user will not be able to modify the list. If however the policy is set to the Employee Level, the user will be able to remove or add approvers. Approvers can be selected from any department in the organization. The user will also be able to re-arrange the order in which the approval request is sent to the approvers.
Log in as a user. Click 'Check Status'. You will see your leave applications for all leave types, the status, Approved or Denied. If denied, the reason for the denial. If there are multiple approvers for the application request, the system will show which approvers have already reviewed the request, and the ones that have not yet responded.
An email will be sent to the first approver in the list of approvers. A link is sent with the email. The approver clicks on the link and review the request. If the request is approved, an email is sent to the next approver in the list. If denied, the operation ends and the user making the request notified. The Approver will also be seeing and review requests if he/she logs into the system.
Yes. Log in as a user. Click on the Report Tab, and then click 'Leave transactions'. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or can be viewed or printed.
It is recommended that the administrators be appointed from the HR department. The administrator can view all leave transactions for all departments at any time.